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Sep 21, 2012
Last year when the Occupy movement started many journalists were reported as being arrested, some have been arrested four times. It is our job as photojournalists to tell the story and it our job as journalists to let the world ...

May 29, 2012
Journalism is a responsibility to the public, to report the news and events as they occur in the least bias form as possible. It is important for us to remember not to become involved one way or the other, in spite of our personal ...

Propaganda: Egypt Opens Gazan Borders
When first read the article  “Egypt Gazan Borders Opens Permanently “Egypt Gazan Borders Opens Permanently” on the Huffington Post, I was ready to go outside and dance in the streets and then I wondered why others were not going outside and dancing? This was good news!

History is defined as, “a record of narrative description of past events”, “all that is remembered of the past as preserved in writing; or images; a body of knowledge”...

In one of the early Digital Conferences, the Rev. Don Doll, S.J. pointed out that there are degrees of changes that can be done electronically to a photograph....

Honest photographs can have an ethical dimension when it concerns the personal ethics of the photographer. Did the photographer violate some ethical standard in the process of making the picture?...

Visual journalists operate as trustees of the public. Our primary role is to report visually on the significant events and varied viewpoints in our common world....

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  3. The photojournalism is one of the kind of journalism. A journalist tells stories. A photographer takes pictures of nouns that create the images and these images tell the new story. A Journalism strategy photojournalist is referred as the breach of photography. The photojournalism has the greatest contribution of the news media. The photograph of any scene that tells the whole story of tragedy.

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