Friday 12 April 2019

Wow, a huge lawsuit against McClatchy for publishing misleading news on the Russian scandal.

You know, as a journalist for so long and watching the news agencies publish stories as facts without fact checking to twist reality on events has been criminal to say the least.  You know, when weapons of mass destruction was by intelligence 'found in Iraq', I went to find them.  I did not.  There was not a story. Yet, with my feet on the ground and camera in hand, the non-story was not a story that I could survive on.  (That's another story).  After the incurision into Iraq and billions of dollars later with many deaths, the US admited that they made a mistake and there were not any wepons of mass destruction.  You know the only news agency that retracted and apologized  to the world was the BBC.

Bravo, then for the BBC.  Now it is time that McClatchy offeres a huge apology to the American people for their spin on the Russian scandal that costs millions of dollars and 2 years later, there is zero evidence.  The millions....#McClatchy....could have been spent on the growing addiction problem we have in America for rehabs that are accessible, on single moms living below poverty and...working full time...changing the laws for livable wages, for affordable medicine...Millions all based on lies.

McClatchy, stand up, face up and look at the American people in the eyes and tell the truth for a change.

Saturday 26 May 2018

Ole TIme Blogging

So funny how old my blogs are, I started when blogging first started and just kept going. I hope you don't mind the old, standard format. I've no time to re-invent the wheel and export and re-import all of the hundreds of articles in my blogs. I've always asked for volunteers, but never find any...really. You know, I was one of the first people on this planet to "blog" before blogging, these already formatted templates came into existence. I was also one of the "first" independent news folks covering on the Middle East crisis with my own silly HTML formatted pages, typed, each link designed, each page and the "tree" generated through dreamweaver.  wow. Times have changed and I still have no time.
Anyone want to help me put all of this together, one blog and website into something a bit more...modern?
Oh, just to help keep history alive and documented, you know.
I also have thousands of slides, film, and images on CD's that need to be "updated" onto something.
Oh, if independents like myself, only had a trust fund.
Thanks for reading my vent and rant.
Susan Brannon

Sunday 27 August 2017

CNBC The Age of Walmart

Crazy, I have boycotted Walmart for 20 years.  Now...Google is going to sell their products in their shopping page.  A partnership.  sigh. Google is way too big

The American dream is turned into poverty. Documentary 2017

The Crossing Borders Project worked on Homelessness in Portland, Oregon a few years ago.  We see by this documentary, that things have not changed and are only getting worse.  This is a great watch to keep up the the times.

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