Instead of putting all the videos on this page, I provided links to the videos below:

Aida (Ayda) Refugee Camp: The West Bank

Aida Refugee Camp:  A Documentary
The Wall at Aida Camp
To Adia Camp through Bethlehem Checkpoint
Oli- Her Story:  Aida Refugee Camp; The West Bank
Hayatt - Her Story:  Aida Refugee Camp; The West Bank
Bara'a - Her Story:  How life is in the West Bank
Zenub - Olive Trees:  Aida Refugee Camp
Sana'a - Life in Biet Jala: The West Bank
Susan - Life in Aida Refugee Camp

Palestinian Working Women Society for Development:  Ramallah: The West Bank
Gadeer: Her Story
Jumna: Her Family
Lama: Working Women Society
Lubdma and her story: Working Women Society, Ramallah
Wafa -  Ramallah

The Tamer Institute; Youth Group - Ami'r Refugee Camp, Ramallah
The Tamer Institute
Manar - Her Favorite Things and her voice
Lina - Representations of Palestine
Gassan - A Jerusalem Poem and Amir Refugee Camp
Dallia - Ami'r The Camp

Florence, Italy - American and Italian University Students
Patrick - Florence Life Routine
Antonio - Florence: My Friends
Marzia - Florence: 7 Days
Marco - Florence: Student Demonstration

Medjugorje, Bosnia - The Pligrimage
The Crossing Borders Project - Medjugorje 
Olimpia - Medjugorie Around and About
Franca - What the Pilgrimage in Medjugorje was Like
Matteo: My Experience in Medjugorje
Susan:  Medjugorje
Medjugorje 2011:  The Pilgrimage 

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