Sunday 17 June 2007

Delayed schedules

17 June 2007

I was supposed to go to pick up the cameras from Idyah Camp to develop them. I called Ghada and she said that she did not have all of them yet. My PLANS were to go pick up the cameras and take photographs of the camp for the study. I am to call her tomorrow afternoon to see if she has them all yet.

This is the land of no planning. So I am quickly learning.

I received a telephone call from another partner with The Holy Land Trust canceling my meeting in Ramallah on Monday. Great….I think. However! He found a group of women for me that consist both of Israeli’s and Palestinians who are very interested in participating in the project. I will not meet with them until Saturday; this will be on the 23rd...and according to my ORIGINAL planning, I should have had two meetings with each group by now in order to get a good random sample, develop trust, and time for the women to “open up” with each other. As well as diving deeper into self-reflection by the feedback and viewing of the images of their existence…yes, this would have given more time to develop the attributes that I wanted in order to make this project work well.

NOW the time is limited, and I hope that the meetings will become more consistent? Am I dreaming here?

So today was a “free day” for me. I decided to go into E. Jerusalem and take photographs of women’s fashion.

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