Friday 20 July 2007

Bara'a 3rd roll-Aida (Aydah) Refugee Camp, Bethlehem

By the third roll, Bara'a started to use the natural light. She chose to photograph old Palestinian buildings at sundown in order to capture the glow from the sunset. The older homes are made of stone. These homes are not in Idyah camp, and it is a dream for most of the refugees to return to a home such as this, like they used to own.

The tree is a symbol for life and food.

The photograph is a picture of the villages that were depopulated these are the villages that came to Idyah Camp. They told me that no-one feels at home in Idyah camp, with the dirt, the small roads, the wall, no green, no trees, no harvest. What they grew up on is now gone.

One woman told me that they are all depressed. Post-forced occupation, into their homes during the Intifada. They look at the wall as a reminder of a large prison. They say that this is how they feel. They feel that there is no rhyme or reason to believe anything will change or get better, but they still hold on to their dreams.

She said that when she was a child, she used to join in the olive harvest, that is the heart of Palestine and has been since the 1500's. The soil is their soul. But living in Adyah camp is to them the feeling of being temporary. They feel like their feet are not on the ground like before, the older people remember the villages and are now too scared to go and see their homes, some cannot leave Bethlehem and never have.

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