Thursday 30 August 2007

Dalia's Favorites

This is in Dras Karakr, it means the head of the mountain. I like the view and the stones, if I owned this place I would like to live in it. It is unique and you cannot find many homes like this anymore.
I like photograph because it shows the houses near each other. I like the blue because it matches the sky. They are too close, because they can hear each other. This is in Al Amari Camp.
Al Amari camp. I took this photograph of the kids coming back to us. I like the idea of kids playing it shows their Innocence.
I like his birthmark, the cross on his forehead, I like his eyes - navy blue, they are unique. I like how he is standing, and how does he live with this? He is too strong to face life, when he gets older people will make fun of him. It is hard outside.

Photographs and text by Dalia: (15) Tamer Institute

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