Tuesday 19 June 2007

Project clarification

I have been asked for a bit of clarification regarding this project:

The project was to see how and if the wall and/or checkpoints, borders and boundaries affect lives during this change in Israel. I as a foreigner, and others in the outside world, may think that the central focus of the communities is the wall, the fences and checkpoints…however, it may not be this way at all. The central focus may be on the son or daughter, the job or surviving.

I really wanted others to be the ones to share in this regard, rather than a “foreign researcher” who observes, and project a possible unreality based on biases and assumptions. As a contrast, I will also "observe" with my cultural differences, and ignorance, take photographs of my life here as well. I do this to compare the realities (of course based on my biases, which probably is not reality at all) of a foreigner, to those who actually are the cultures and individuals. I also do this, to share with the groups my life, because how can I expect those to share and I not? This is what I am doing as a foreign researcher and this is what I see will be wide open to those who participate. This also allows for the participants to communicate my misgivings and invalid perceptions and to clarify the reality for the research. The project is multi-tasked.

It also includes an aspect of community and individualism. By this I mean that through the viewing of the images, individually and as a group I am hoping that through time with the project, the women will inner-reflect upon their own lives and what it means to them and their placement within the community. I am hoping to see a progression of image taking, from the first roll being a superficial (the home, the friends, the traveling) to the last one being more personal and a more reflected choice of when to take the photograph, in order to relay a specific message. I would like to know if my theory of "workshops" works, if it is possible to re-think when to take that 1/100th of a second in time in order to represent a feeling and/or special moment in ones life. At the same time, the women in the group will develop a stronger bond and together they decide what representation of the community they want to share with others. (I am going to copy and paste some of this explanation in my blog, so others will gather a better understanding of the project)

I am working with women's groups because one, I am a woman, and two I wanted the research to be consistent with a sub-population group.

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