Friday 20 July 2007

Bara'a 2nd roll-Aida (Adyah) Refugee Camp, Bethlehem

Bara'a took a photograph of her view from her home in Biet Jala. She also likes green, there is not enough green around the Camp, in green unless you are lucky enough to live in Biet Jala. The Israeli's control the amount of water the people get in the camp. They never know when the water will be shut off and for how long. I was wondering why, sometimes people smelled more of sweat than normal. The Palestinian's are normally very clean people and like to shower often. I felt that it was unusual.

She also took a photograph her neighbors home that is being re-build. It seems they spend most of their lives re-building their homes. They can only use cash and have to get permission from the Israeli government to build their homes.

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