Friday 20 July 2007

Sana's 2nd roll-Aida (Adyah) Refugee Camp, Bethlehem

I have not been able to translate the photographs. This will happen tomorrow!

The one with the watch tower, is one of many located in Adyah camp, this tower is across from the UN building and the school. It is also down the street from the community center where we hold our meetings. When the wall was first built, the Israeli soldiers would sit inside and watch, there are also camera's everywhere overlooking the camp. The soldiers used to shoot at the children and anyone else who walked down that street from the tower.

Once the wall was finished, the soldier's left that tower, and then they built another one around the corner...they soldiers remain in the towers.

The scary looking photograph is a painting on the wall inside of the camp. It reflects the fear in the hearts of the Palestinians.

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