Wednesday 4 July 2007

Oli- Aida (Adyah) Refugee Camp, Bethlehem

Oli’s house was destroyed, (9)(10)and the trash from the destruction is piled on the side of her home. (18) (24) They have not been able to take it anywhere to dispose of it, so instead they lived with it. Oli’s neighbor is her Aunt, and her house was destroyed also, (12)from the mislile hitting her home. She has a little sister who likes to play with animals and she has some rabbits.(8) Oli also has a brother who likes to raise animals for food. (9)

Oli’s house has not yet been re-built like it was before.(9) She hopes that someday they can re-build the home as nice as others that she likes.(2) She feels that people have the right for a place to play outside and have space for sports. (6) She loves trees and green things.(13)(15)

She see’s the occupation as destroying the life of a little girl (her sister) who had to live in the dark like in prison. (20) She was put into a small room during the height of the Intifada and the 40 incursion by the Israeli’s. She views little children as being innocent, and not mean or cruel. (22)

Oli took a photograph of photographs that are hanging on her wall in her home of 2 men that may not be alive anymore. (r2/0) Her mother (r2/1) ,of herself (r2/2) and their cat (r2/7).

For the second roll, she did not write any text. Her friends just said that she is finished.
In her second roll there are many photographs that are similar to the first roll. Homes that are not repaired yet (sr/11,13)and green things. (sr/12,26,18,1916) and a new garden (17). There is a photograph of a vew outside of the door, the darkness, unrepaired home to the garden full of green. (22) There is a photograph of the rabbit.(15)

Another photograph of the girl in darkness with light shinning on her. 25)

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