Monday 2 July 2007

Susan's Photo Story- Aida Refugee Camp, Bethlehem

This is a UN building inside of Idyah Camp the graffiti says, "UN Bodies and Agencies should enable Palestinian Refugees from exercising their right to return."
A view of the winding wall from the camp, Adyah Camp is on your right, Israel is now, due to the security wall is on your left. Many acres of land was taken while building this wall. It curves to go around olive trees (in this case) or make room for the growth of settlements or to include water wells to be inside of Israel. This wall is inside of the 1967 green line.

On the way to the womens center. The wall is on the right the camp is in front of me and on the left.
Inside of Bethlehem on the road to Adyah Camp.
After the 1 and 1/2 hour trip I stopped for a falafal.
Bethlehem checkpoint wall and isle for coming in or going out
Inside the siervice (a shared type of taxi)

This is a cart in E. Jerusalem taken from the siervice window.

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