Monday 27 August 2007

Wafa- Palestinian Working Women's Society for Development

As time goes by, more often than not, the State of Israel randomly shuts off the water in the West Bank. Sometimes the water is turned off for a week at a time, they have also started to enlist on and off days with limited water pressure and times that they are only allowed to use the water. It has become necessary to collect rain water, in cisterns like in the old days. Wafa is lucky enough to have one in her courtyard.

Water is a main issue between Israel and the Palestinians. When the wall was build, the state of Israel sieged as many water wells along the wall as possible, weaving the wall to include the wells on to the Israeli side. Soon, I will show photographs of the wall, that the Palestinians call the snake because of the winding view of the wall that excludes water wells and agriculture from the Palestinian side.

Wafa is a member of the Society, she chose to take photographs of preparing for a wedding. However, most of the photographs she took were inside, and the room was too dark for the camera with flash. The flash is not so strong, and she was sad that most of her photographs did not turn out. Above, are two little girls dressed in traditional dresses for the wedding. The design is traditional and the dress is made by hand.
Above, is the henna that the bride puts on her hand before the wedding...
Above is the mother of the bride.
This is a photograph of a view from her window at work. It is a taxi station near the center in Ramallah.
This is also another view from the window at her work.

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