Monday 27 August 2007

Working Women Society for Development

The society is located in the Ramallah center, they focus on women's needs and issues. They generate awareness and work with handicrafts and food services. They teach for women's empowerment and give training on how to be active in the legal decision making process. They advertise through the local radio and newspapers.

The laws neglect womans rights and are not focused on women. This organization helps to create awareness on those issues are effect women. The society also provides social counseling, mostly secular, but they will not close the doors on any women that requests it. They train Candidates to be assertive and to become gender sensitive. They like to work on identity issues and to help women form identities. This interest is why they wanted to participate in my project!

They informed me that the families still participate in honor killings, and men serve less time for the homicides. Women do not have the right to divorce, and need the approval of the husband.

The population is falling into severe poverty, and when that happens the population "puts away their daily life activities and become depressed."

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