Monday 8 November 2010

Tips on how to use our disposable cameras

We have been distributing quite a few cameras lately without conducting our famous workshop to offer tips in person regarding the camera.  Our cameras are not the most deluxe disposable cameras around, but the 35mm lens is quite nice actually.  We use ASA 400 color film.

The camera is best used:
Outside in natural light
If it is a cloudy day, you may want to turn on the flash.
When using inside:
The flash is not very strong and does not have a large distance, you will have to get closer to your subject than you might expect.  The flash will not light up an entire room.

When taking a picture:
  • Make sure that your finger is not over the lens, you will not see your finger when viewing through the view finder. Because…the lens is lower than the viewfinder! (we don't want to see your finger in the picture!)
  • Try looking at your subject from different angles before you take your shot, look for the angle that appeals to you the most!
  • Try laying on the ground, or standing on a chair for a “different view”
  • Ask people to act natural, try not to let them “pose” for your image…unless that is what you are looking for.
  • Keep the sun behind you when you shoot.  Unless you want a silhouette or flairs.
  • Wait to take your shot, make sure that it is something that is a part of your story, or is your story, sometimes that perfect shot comes a few seconds later than expected.
  • When outside, the best light is at sunrise and sunset.
  • Don’t just “snap and shoot”  Plan, look, wait, think and then shoot.
  • Shooting with film, is not the same as digital, you cannot look at the shot, you cannot take back the shot, you cannot erase the shot.

You only have this one roll of film and one week to tell your story.  Reflect and think before you venture out.