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This was a page, now it is a post....check back once in a while, because I will add to it.  These are articles of concern, that I investigated and wrote about, on the side of my projects! these have been published, and if you want to publish, just send an email and ask!  here:
The Story about GM Seeds
June 9, 2011Genetically Modified (GM) seeds have been introduced into the world from the early 1990’s.  The seeds are mainly soybean, corn, canola, and cotton. The seed was developed to increase food production, lower production costs and lower the amount of pests that destroy the crops. The process is the insertion, deletion or transfer of genes. They add a genetic material into an organism. GMO’s are used in biological and medical research, the production of pharmaceutical drugs, gene therapy and agriculture....

Our Food System and GM Seed Studies 
June 10, 2011 "We now know that when you insert a gene - when you randomly throw this thing in there, they don't know ahead of time where it's going to land," says Clark. The researchers don't know how many copies will be inserted, or what other genes it will affect, or will affect it. We now know that the position of a gene is critical to how it functions, and side effects of this are unpredictable and could be drastic”, Clark, a doctor in BioTechnology, reports this lesson is in one of the first courses in BioTech....

Propaganda:  Egypt opens Gazan Borders  
May 29, 2011 -When first read the article  “Egypt Gazan Borders Opens Permanently “Egypt Gazan Borders Opens Permanently” on the Huffington Post, I was ready to go outside and dance in the streets and then I wondered why others were not going outside and dancing? This was good news!...

WHO and H1N1 Swine Flu
One year in prison and 250,000 fine if you do not take the shot...a proposal on the pandemic...
The video says...they, but I am not sure who they this human rights? Don't we have the right to choose?...

November 2009, Rome, Italy - The Alarm of the Virus in Europe is that the H5N1strain that can be transmitted from birds to human from feces droppings into the sand then transferring into the air. This is how the avian virus can spread from animal to human, and then from human to human. My attempt to see what is happening and the risk for Italy is quite difficult because Italian is not my forte of languages. When I attempted to search on the internet about the virus and Italy, I find only the accounts for the UKScotland andIreland, which are the European English speaking countries....

November 20, 2009- You know, there are many kinds of wars, war of violence, wars in business, war in the environmental resources and war over the rights of people....Plus Video

November 15, 2009- I think that it is interesting if we just research some of our recent history we would see that these virus's seem to be changing, and returning.  I found an old posting in 2005 about the bird flu, I posted on my other website (through the lens) a recent update.

November 23, 2009 -  I find it interesting that the concern over the H1N1 Virus that caused so much money to be spent, so much time and fear...that the WHO website, latest posting is on 17th of October below

Investigative Topics Published

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