Sunday 6 May 2012


Google and this blog is driving me crazy, I had a nice site that took a long time for me to figure out, then they decide to come up with a "new look" and I clicked the button to "preview" and whollah, all was lost.  I stayed at the "New view" for a while, but I lost my pages and side bars with all the good stuff on it.  (I did save the template) Today, I decided to go back to the old look and they said, "you must update your template."  So I clicked on the button, to update and go back to the old view and again...whollah!  I lost the three columns and design that I worked so hard on.  Now, you are viewing the two columns and missing the wonderful image that I put in the top.  (So much work).  I included an option to click on "new view" if you liked how it was before I went back to this on...ummm what to do and how do I upload my old template? Actually, I like the new view, but I cannot seem to get the pages on the top, unless you go to this format first, then click on new view!  Happy surfing!

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